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Looking for Landlord (Rental Property) Financing?

Capstone Capital Partners, LLC specializes in financing landlords on rental properties (non-homesteads) in Texas. Capstone originates, underwrites and services all our loans in-house. We are landlords ourselves and our team has decades of lending and real estate experience to cater to your borrowing needs. If you are a landlord or a property manager (representing landlords) please give us a call. We get your Business!

Non-Bank Financing:

As a Direct Private Lender our team makes decisions to fund without red tape or loan committees. This means ease of financing and fast closings. Whether you are looking to leverage our capital to acquire more rental properties or simply refinance an existing loan (for cash-out) we can help you. We can close in as little as 7-10 days from an appraisal and/or a broker price opinion (BPO).

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Loan Terms:

Because we use private capital (instead of bank funds) our rates are higher than traditional funding yet lower than traditional hard money. Please see below for a range of what we offer:

  • Interest Rates= 8.750%-10.99% (interest only payments)
  • Origination Fees= Varies (we do charge points- please call for pricing)
  • Loan to Values= 70% (minimum $100,000 loan amount. Will consider higher LTV’s case by case)
  • Amortization= Typically our bridge loans run from 1-3 years in length; however, we have options for up to 15 years.

Investment Property Types:

  • Single Family Homes
  • Duplex and 4-plex
  • Commercial Properties- Multi-Family; Retail; Office; Industrial and Land.
  • Values- On this program we base our loan amounts on the “As-is” value of the investment property. For renovation or constructions loans, please visit our “Borrowers Page” for more details.


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Broker Friendly:

We work often with residential and commercial mortgage brokers and we always protect their relationships and fees.

Lending Territory:

We will consider any city in Texas with a primary focus on Dallas; Fortworth; Houston; Austin and San Antonio.



Real People- Real Testimonials:

“Capstone has done a great job for us on each situation that required a quick and effective solution.  We use our bank for most projects, and Capstone for the ones that miss the mark with our bank.   Capstone allows us to get better leverage on deals that have strong finshed values and their loans let me keep more of my cash to run my business.  They also get the deal funded in half the time a traditional bank takes”

Terry F. (Landlord/Builder- Houston, TX)


“As a referring partner, even when the tail end of the deal made it difficult to pay a broker, Capstone protected my commission, and I am grateful for that.  If a deal doesn’t fit inside a bank’s box, Capstone will make it happen”

Thomas B. (Commercial Broker- Austin TX)


“Capstone has been an incredible resource to us.  Building a single family rental portfolio with zero govt. sponsored  loans is a challenge.  Capstone’s creativity and “get it done attitude” is helping me make it happen.  Owner of six rentals and continuing to build…Capstone provides the personal service and creative deals you will find nowhere else”

Cal B. (Landlord/Investor- Houston, TX)




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