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SecuredAll of our 1st lien investments are backed by a specific property with the Investor(s) name listed on the Deed of Trust

Passive Returns- Interest payments paid monthly with a proven track record to back it up. Online accessibility with ACH direct deposit

Total Transparency– A full Loan Summary to make an informed decision along with the on-going support of our team of experienced professionals


Capstone Process


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Be the Bank

Private Lending has been around for decades and has been available as a niche lending program primarily because of the industry’s genuine need for speed and ease of common sense financing. As banks & traditional lenders have continued to be constrained by regulators this niche has increased in demand. This vacuum creates an incredible opportunity for Private Lenders (to be the bank) and lend on great Real Estate projects without all the red tape.

The Process

An informed Investor is the individual we want to work with. We believe in Trust and Transparency and at the beginning of this process, we’ll send the Private Lender a “Loan Summary” that explains all of the details before they lend on any given project. When they invest, their funds are sent to a Title Company and then it’s fully collateralized by a First Lien (Deed of Trust) on Real Estate.

You Choose

 In short, the Private Lender is in control of where and which properties to lend on. We’ll do the homework and put all of our due diligence at their finger tips and let them decide. A typical scenario will have a minimum of 30% or more in equity (or a 70% loan to value). In this example, a borrower holding a property worth $300,000 (supported by a 3rd party value report) could receive a new first lien from our Private Lenders for $210,000 (leaving $90,000 in equity) to help offset any risk associated with the loan.

Closings & Funding

Every loan closing takes place only at a bonded and insured Title (escrow) Companies and the Private Lender’s funds are sent directly to the Title Company at the time of closing. Our trained & experienced staff working with the Title Company ensures that all of the paperwork is handled professionally securing the Private Lenders’ investment to the property via Deed of Trust (1st Lien).

Passive Monthly Returns

Receive your monthly check from your well-performing investment with virtually no additional work on your part. Our staff handles all of the administrative and collections oversight for our Private Lenders. We remain in contact with the borrower, and we service the loan helping to ensure timely monthly payments.  Every Private Lender will have transparent online accessibility to their Lending Portfolio through our experienced Loan Servicing Company.


These loan investments do not require a long-term commitment. They are short-term (typically 8-24 months in length) and pay monthly returns. A qualified investor can use cash or funds from a self-directed IRA account to lend monies on these real estate loans. Typical investments can range from $100,000 – $500,000 per loan.

Performance & Track Record

Our Loan Servicing company has a proven track record of collecting and distributing timely, monthly interest payments to our Private Lender(s) with a fully, transparent online accessibility platform. Together, our companies and principals have originated, funded and serviced over 90M in private loans (in Texas) since 2006.



“Always Responsive, Always Candid Answers, Great Returns” 

C. Cioffari- Investor since 2006


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“Thank you to everyone who kept us up to date on the project and the lending process as it proceeded…everyone exceeded my expectations and I plan to do more business in the future because of their commitment” 

R. Cooper- Investor since 2014


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