Our Safeguards:

  • Underwriting– We conduct in-depth research to make sure the loans meet quality, measurable standards.
  • Asset Based– We invest exclusively in hard assets. In this case, Texas commercial and/or residential real estate properties.
  • Solid Returns– We produce average returns of 8-10% annually and have the history to back it up.
  • Experience– We are experienced in real estate lending with a proven track-record in our industry.
  • Transparency– We offer a completely transparent process and remain available to discuss new or current lending opportunities.

Our Standards:

  • 3rd Party Closings– Every Transaction closes at Bonded Title/Escrow Companies
  • Personal Guarantee– We secure a Promissory Note that is personally guaranteed by the borrower(s).
  • 1st Lien– We execute a Deed of Trust (1st Lien Position). This provides for an accelerated foreclosure should a borrower default.
  • Insurance– We obtain Fire, Hazard and Lender’s Title Insurance.
  • Appraisal/CMA- We receive independent verifications to confirm value and lend no more than 75% percent loan to value or less in most cases.

Our Process:

  • Packaging– We summarize every loan in one document (Loan Summary) with a web access link to the file.
  • Presentation– We present the loans to our lenders via Loan Summary.
  • Processing– We handle the loan paperwork.
  • Closing– The lender wires the funds to the Title Company, and we make sure all documents are signed.
  • Funding– We fund the loan, and the Title company sends us the complete loan package.
  • Loan Servicing– Walter Servicing collects all the payments for our private lenders.
  • Online Accessibility– Our private lenders have 24/7 access to their lending portfolio.

Your Protection & Security:


Signed & Recorded Deed of Trust- 1st Lien on the Property with the lender(s) name listed on the deed.

Signed Mortgage/Promissory Note- A Personal Guarantee from the borrower(s).

Title Insurance Policy- A full Title Policy insuring the lender’s first lien from unknown potential title issues and/or outstanding liens.

Hazard or Home Insurance Policy- A policy insuring the entire loan amount against fire or other potential disaster to the property.

Note– All of these documents are secured at the closing of the loan and then sent to our lenders after the closing of every loan.