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Hard Money Lending – What Is It? A History

Most people have a fair understanding of traditional bank loans and how they work.  Whether you’re looking to buy a home or an automobile, you can approach a lender, submit to a credit check, and gain approval for lending relatively quickly and with little fuss.

Fewer people know what hard money loans are or how […]


Investing in First Liens
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Summer Newsletter


What’s Happening Now – We have closed and funded over 3M in loans since January. Since our inception Capstone has funded 7.8M in total loans and has only had 2 foreclosures representing less than 5% of our portfolio. Our investor base is growing as well and our loans have consistently been returning annual yields […]

March/April Newsletter

What’s Happening Now – This might not sound ambitious, but here is what I like about our current growth at Capstone. We are not necessarily setting any impressive records in the amount of dollars or units funded, yet we are consistently growing our portfolio each quarter. And even though we have the capacity (both […]

2015 Newsletter

January/February Newsletter- 2015 
Happy New Year!!
What’s Happening Now – We are starting off the New Year with a bang! Capstone has already closed and funded 3 new loans with more loans in the pipeline ready to close in the coming weeks. Some of these closings included a cash-out refinance on a rental property in East […]

ROI- Where to Invest in 2015?

With falling oil prices and the DOW at alarmingly high record levels it’s hard to determine a relatively safe place to put your funds for 2015; however, according to Forbes Magazine they forecast the #1 spot to invest in 2015 (Real Estate wise) is Austin, TX. In addition, Houston ranked #3; Dallas Ranked #5; and San Antonio Ranked #6. […]

How is the Private Lender Secure?

How is the Private Lender secured?

A Private Lender is secured by mortgage and note on the property which serves as the foundation for the transaction. The emphasis in non-traditional lending is on the collateral, therefore measures are taken to protect the interests of the lender in a given property or project.

What are the  general […]

What is Private Lending?

Be the Bank- Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the Bank? Banks are not known for taking risks…right? That is why they tend to stay with secured loans, such as mortgage loans or auto loans. Think about it…has your bank ever offered you a loan to purchase stocks, bonds […]