Capstone offers direct Private Capital for your Real Estate Deals

Our loans are Asset-Based and we can make Quick Decisions

Typical Loan Amounts from $100,000 to $500,000

Up to 3M on select commercial properties 



Prime Rate- Buy & Hold:

Max LTV= 75% (based on As-Is or today’s value)

Interest Rate= 10.99% -12.00%

Points= 3%

Loan Term= 12-24 Months

Loan Amounts= $100,000 and up

* Rates & LTV vary depending on credit, location of the property and availability of capital



New Construction & Fix & Flip:

Max LTV= 70% (based on final market value)

Interest Rate= 12-14%

Points= 3-5%

Loan Term= 6-18 Months

Loan Amounts= $100,000 – $600,000

Other Requirements– Builder/Renovator must have experience with proven track record



Commercial Property:

Max LTV= 70% (based on the stabilized final market value)

Interest Rate= 10.99%-12.99%

Points= 3-5%

Loan Term= 12-36 Months

Property Type= Office, Multi-Family, Retail, Land, Etc.

Loan Amounts= up to 3M

We focus primarily on the Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio real estate markets (other cities are considered on a case by case basis).  All properties must be for the sole purpose of investment or commercial purpose only. We do NOT lend on homestead (owner-occupied) properties.