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Loan Amounts from $100,000 to 3M

Residential and Commercial  

Direct Lender



Prime Rate- Buy & Hold:

Max LTV= 70% (based on As-Is or today’s value- will consider 75% with strong credit)

Interest Rate= 9.50% -11.00%

Standard Points= 3-4%

Loan Term= 12-36 Months

Loan Amounts= $100,000 and up

* Rates & LTV vary depending on credit, location of the property and availability of capital



New Construction & Fix & Flip:

Max LTV= 70% (based on final market value)

Interest Rate= 12%+

Standard Points= 3-5%

Loan Term= 6-18 Months

Loan Amounts= $100,000 – $800,000

Other Requirements– Builder/Renovator must have experience with proven track record



Commercial Property:

Max LTV= 70% (based on the stabilized final market value)

Interest Rate= 10%-12%

Points= 3-5%

Loan Term= 12-36 Months

Property Type= Office, Multi-Family, Retail, Land, Etc.

Loan Amounts= up to 3M


Our Private Lending Loan Terms

  • We are local to Texas- Headquartered in Austin (with a Dallas/Fortworth Local Representative)

  • We lend on properties in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin and surrounding major metro areas.

  • Each loan is set up with Monthly Interest-Only Payments.

  • We often can include a majority of the purchase price, rehab cost, interest payments, carrying cost/closing cost in the loan amount.

  • We have a flexible loan structure and we are creative when structuring the financing needs of our borrowers

  • Our loans typically range from 1-2 years in length.

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