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5 Reasons to Start Flipping Homes

A lot of real estate investors lost money when the housing market crashed years ago. However, now that the market is recovering, the time is right to start flipping again, and there are several good reasons to consider this investment option.
1. Market Recovery
Both the economy and the housing market are in full recovery mode, […]

5 Tips for Getting a Hard Money Loan

If you are thinking about funding a fix and flip, new construction or rental property; there are a few things to consider before applying for a Hard Money Loan.
1. Be Liquid
As a Hard Money Lender we want to see that our borrowers have money in the bank. It’s important to save before you get […]

Financing Your First Investment Property: 5 Things You Should Know

Many people dream of owning a home; putting money into an investment that they can one day pass on to children or use to finance retirement. Once you have your primary residence, however, you may find yourself interested in the prospect of earning a passive income through rental property, making some quick cash flipping […]

The Benefits of Working With a Private Money Lender

When most people seek lending for a real estate purchase, they start with a traditional lending institution like a bank to get approved for a mortgage loan. However, a bank loan might not be the best option for every borrower even if the rate is much lower.

For starters, banks have all kinds of red tape criteria […]

Hard Money Lending 101 for Real Estate Professionals

The wonderful thing about investing in real estate is that it always has value (barring extreme circumstances like natural disasters). Market prices may fluctuate, but investors willing to ride out any downturn will almost always come out ahead, and the fact that there’s a tangible asset at the core of the investment certainly doesn’t […]

Hard Money Lending – What Is It? A History

Most people have a fair understanding of traditional bank loans and how they work.  Whether you’re looking to buy a home or an automobile, you can approach a lender, submit to a credit check, and gain approval for lending relatively quickly and with little fuss.

Fewer people know what hard money loans are or how […]


Investing in First Liens
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Summer Newsletter


What’s Happening Now – We have closed and funded over 3M in loans since January. Since our inception Capstone has funded 7.8M in total loans and has only had 2 foreclosures representing less than 5% of our portfolio. Our investor base is growing as well and our loans have consistently been returning annual yields […]

March/April Newsletter

What’s Happening Now – This might not sound ambitious, but here is what I like about our current growth at Capstone. We are not necessarily setting any impressive records in the amount of dollars or units funded, yet we are consistently growing our portfolio each quarter. And even though we have the capacity (both […]

2015 Newsletter

January/February Newsletter- 2015 
Happy New Year!!
What’s Happening Now – We are starting off the New Year with a bang! Capstone has already closed and funded 3 new loans with more loans in the pipeline ready to close in the coming weeks. Some of these closings included a cash-out refinance on a rental property in East […]